Baby Marcelo

BABY MARCELO was known as the rule-breaking and ironical character “La Troya” at “La Troya Asesina”, which was also one of the most fashionable parties in IBIZA. He is one of the best-known icons on this unique and exclusive island. He is mainly known for his androgynous, trash-baroque and wholly female masquerades, his use of stilts and -of course- his art of astonishing, disconcerting and seducing.

He has studied as a mime-actor and contemporary dancer at Rome(dance-theatre, Japanese Butoh dance). He worked for several years in the theatre, before launching into discos and alternative venues( street theatre, art galleries), creating a thousand images of himself in his shows throughout Europe. He has taken part in classical and experimental theatre shows, several concert (as tenor) of Gregorian chants and polyphonic music (Schola Cantorum-Rome Opera).

He has performed as mime-springboard artist in several shows and operas, with directors of the rank of Franco Zeffirelli, Mauro Bolognini and Lindsay Kemp. He has been a testimonial at various parties, for Swatch and Red bull. He can boast taking part in fashion events and live performances for names such as Kylie Minogue. He has worked as a choreographer and leading actor in a musical video-clip for a project by Virgin Records U.K. “Divine Works – Ancient person of my heart”, directed by Peter Sca